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Essential Oils and Writing

What in the world do essential oils have to do with writing, you might ask.  Well, I'm glad you did!  I enjoy using natural and homemade products for the home and body, and essential oils play a large part in that.  Certain scents inspire creativity, help with remaining focused and can even inspire descriptions and characters.  Listed below, under their respective titles, are some of my favorites and how they've helped and inspired me.



The Good Thief

Thieves Oil (from Young Living) - This is probably the most obvious simply because of the name, however I actually came up with the title of this work before I even discovered this oil.  It just helped serve as a cool form of inspiration when needed.  The lovely mixture of clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary is good for remaining focused, but this oil is also a purifying, and that idea fits one central character's history.  Also, the mixture of cinnamon and lemon is sweet and quiet, just like my main character, while rosemary, despite is name, is forest-like, warm, and masculine, much like my other main character.  


Winter Rain

Lavender and Rose - These are two oils I have long combined to make a perfume.  When diluted and used sparsely, they combine to make a lovely, sweet, demure fragrance that perfectly describes my main character, Isabel.


Cedar and Sandalwood - Cedar has a warm, calming, of-the-earth-and-forest scent;  Sandalwood shares this natural, woody, warm aroma while being sensual at the same time, all characteristics that Spencer, my other main character, embodies.  


Orange and Grapefruit - These are what I like to call the sweet, uplifting, and friendly scents.  They are everything that a minor character, Renee, is and I think of her when I smell them.

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