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Moments of Inspiration

People often ask me what inspired me to write certain works of mine and the first answer that always comes to mind is, "I have no idea!"  It's hard to sometimes pinpoint that exact moment when inspiration happens, but I've tried to do so below with my two novels, Winter Rain and The Good Thief.

The Good Thief - This is a novel that first came to me more or less in a dream.  I had an image in my mind of a woman walking toward a man.  It was dark all around and the woman was bound at the wrists, like she'd been held prisoner.  She held anger for this man she was walking toward, whoever he was, but there was also a passionate love between them.  I didn't know much about their story beyond that, and I didn't know about the man, either.  Was he a good guy or not?  I couldn't stop thinking about it and I needed to know the rest of their story.  So, after writing the scene down, I began exploring and thinking about the characters.  After much revision, I finally found The Good Thief.

Winter Rain - You may have already seen in the "Playlists" section of my site that the inspiration for this story came first in the form of a song.  I happened to hear "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS one afternoon on the radio and though I'd heard the song many times, it was like I was hearing the words for the first time.  Singing about two worlds colliding and never being torn apart got me thinking about two people drawn almost instantaneously together and sharing a powerful connection, only to be torn apart almost as quickly by some force or circumstance beyond their control.  It started out as a short story in which I was going to communicate how even though they'd never see one another again, they knew their connection would last forever.  However, the more I wrote the story, the more I realized, their story was incomplete in short story form.  There was more to it that they needed to tell me, and so I kept with it as more of their story unfolded and new characters came into the mix.  I'm glad I did.

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